Kindergarten Registration Update – January 26th, 2015

We’d like to start off by thanking the members of our school community for their enthusiastic response to our call for registrations. As many readers of our blog are aware, today was the first day in the history of our school district, that registrations for Kindergarten were being processed online. In an earlier post today we explained that there were some challenges associated with the system soon after 8:00. These were caused by our system having to process more on-line requests than we had originally planned for. By 8:45 AM, things were back on track, and those families who experienced early delays in their registration experiences started receiving their email confirmations quickly. After the initial rush, the system continued to function smoothly throughout the day. By the time this blog posting was put together, we are pleased to report that the system now holds 644 registrations, with well over 90% of them having been received on-line.

The registration system will continue to remain open from now on for those families who will continue to register throughout the week and beyond.

Thanks for continuing to follow our blog!

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