School Change Requests Go On-Line for 2016

A school change request is the process that parents follow in order to have their child attend a different school. Generally speaking, a school change request is made in the spring, and in anticipation of a move that will be effective for the subsequent September. However, it can also be used to request a change of schools in the current school year.

Starting on 8:00 AM on Monday, January 25th 2016, families can request school changes on-line.

In the past, school changes have been submitted on paper at the school the student is expected to attend at the time when the family hopes the request will take effect. Basically:

  • Elementary students changing to a different elementary school file at their current elementary school
  • Elementary students transitioning to a middle school (but wishing to change) file at the middle school where they would normally be expected to attend (based on their current elementary school)
  • Middle school students transitioning to secondary school (but wishing to change) file at the secondary school where they would normally be expected to attend (based on their current middle school)

In order to submit a School Change Request online, families can visit either:


Please note that the above links are not active until 8:00 AM on Monday, January 25th, 2016

Once the requested information is entered into the system, and the form is submitted, automatic notifications are sent to the family, the current school and the requested school. School changes will then be reviewed by the requested school’s administration. Once a request is processed, the family, and the home school will receive a notification by email updating them on the request’s status.

A family wishing to request a school change on paper can still visit their current school (or next year’s home school if the student is moving into either middle or secondary school). They will be given a form which they can complete on site and return to the office staff. It is important to note that all forms received on paper will be entered into the same on-line system used for the other requests.

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